Mushroom magic

The mushroom world is full of puzzles and magic. I’ve been fascinated by the mysterious and exciting world of mushrooms for over twenty years. Yarn dyeing with mushrooms ja making mushroom paper is an exciting change to what mass culture offers.

Nature is wonderful! Come on, try and experiment in the mushroom magic workshop.

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Yarn dyeing
with mushrooms

Dyeing with plants is an old skill, but mushrooms, as an excellent dyeing material, were discovered only in 1970. The best mushrooms for dyeing contain a lot of dye and for dyeing it takes them much less than plants.
How to dye yarn in rainbow colours can be found out in the mushroom magic workshop.

Making mushroom

Puuseened puul kasvamas

Several bark mushrooms are well suited for making paper. It is not difficult to find bark mushrooms, the raw material of mushroom paper, from the forest; however, the making of paper takes time and effort. Mushroom paper can be used for making lamp shades, window blinds, pictures, cards etc. How to make it all, you can find out in the mushroom magic workshop.

Mushroom magic

Workshop I 1h

In the mushroom magic workshop, I will briefly introduce mushrooms suitable for dyeing yarn and making mushroom paper.

Workshop II 2h

In the mushroom magic workshop I will briefly introduce the yarn dyeing with mushrooms, the mushrooms that are suitable for making mushroom paper and the process of making mushroom paper. Since making mushroom paper is long and time-consuming, I have pre-made it and each workshop participant can decorate a card and a gift bag with exciting mushroom paper.

Workshop III 4h

With the participants we go to a short forest trip to look for suitable mushrooms. Every participant makes mushroom paper and creates an exciting artwork from the beginning till the end.

Workshop IV 3h

Workshop of yarn dyeing with mushrooms
In the workshop I introduce mushrooms suitable for yarn dyeing and demonstrate the dyeing process with 2-3 different mushrooms.

Workshops take place in an outdoor kitchen/shelter.

I will accept groups from June to September (group size at least 10 people).